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1. Keep your hair extensions clean and untangled by taking time to care for them every day.

2. Do not aggressively comb or brush your hair extensions when they are wet. 

3. Never sleep with wet hair extensions. Always make sure the hair is dry and pulled up or braided to keep the hair from tangling at night.

4. Brush your extensions several times a day. Be sure to brush properly, holding the roots to prevent pulling on the tabs/wefts.

5.  Use a high quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep the tabs from slipping and the hair extensions in good condition.

6. Never lighten the hair extensions.

7.  When using heat tools be sure to use a heat protectant spray. The more heat tools you use heat on your hair, the shorter the life-span of the hair extensions.

8. Do not use a flat iron directly on the tape tabs (if you wear tape-ins). This will weaken the tabs and they will slip out.

9. Exercising with hair extensions will not damage your extensions.

10. Avoid excessive chlorine exposure as it can dry out and damage the hair extensions. Occasional chlorine exposure is okay.

11. When using conditioner, condition from mid-shaft to ends only. Do not apply conditioner to your scalp when wearing hair extensions.

12. Rita Hair is real human hair and will get split ends just like your hair does. It is recommended to trim the hair.

13. Every 6-12 weeks, your hair extensions will need to be reapplied to move the bonds closer to the scalp and to keep your hair healthy.

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